What is Islam?


Islam means to derive peace through the submission to Allah. 

Islam promotes goodness and morality. It prevents us from lying, cheating and deceit. It creates a just and moral society ever fearful of God and His commandments. We live with love of God coupled by a fear of punishment. That’s a fair and equitable system that would promote peace and justice within a society.

Islam teaches us about the nature of Allah and how to worship Him and remember Him in everything that we do. Islam instructs us to pray to Him 5 times a day and in His name to give alms to the poor and assist all of creation in whatever manner we can.

With this we are judged and our fate is either eternal Heaven or even Hell. Our destiny is in our hands. If we choose to accept Him and worship Him and to abandon any other god in our lives than our path to salvation has begun. Islam will bring us closer and eventually we can be in the company of God himself forever and ever.

Are we ready to enter the Kingdom of God? Are we ready to accept 1 God who is the Creatir sustainer and nourisher of all that we see and even what we don’t? Are we ready to bring about the final acceptance and declaration that we worhsip none but Allah and will obey His commands only?

This choice is yours…and yours only.